Posted by: mamamamahoney | February 6, 2009

Oh no – not my Target

Recently, a new Target store opened on the other side of town from the existing Target store.  After last night’s shopping trip, I’m seriously wondering if they are going to be closing the Rt. 22 (Union, NJ) store.  LOTS of stuff has the infamous little red mark down tickets on it – and I’m not talking about seasonal items.  I’m talking like socks, men’s shirts, underwear, pajamas, etc. – everyday stuff.  This particular store has been seriously lacking in the boys’ clothes section lately (but, really?  doesn’t this section always lack???), as well as the dollar spot.  I think this weekend, I’m going to have to hit the new Target and see if all the same stuff is on sale there.  Big plus on that is that the new Target is in the same complex and the super, new and improved Whole Foods (with a Ciao Bella sorbet bar……..mmmmmmmmmmmm!)



  1. omg you have to go to the one on Springfield Ave instead. It’s SO much nicer, and they have EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! Plus, the Whole Foods and Best Buy over there are an added plus!

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