Posted by: mamamamahoney | February 3, 2009

Playing Games with Little Kids

CheezWaster just turned 3 and LOVES to play games, specifically board games.  There aren’t a ton of great games that I’ve  found for kids this young.  We have the old standards like CandyLand, Chutes & Ladders and Uno, 3 of his favorites.  For his birthday, he received a game called Elefun.  It has an elephant head with a fan inside that blows paper butterflies out of its trunk and you are supposed to catch them in a net.  Sounds simple, right?  We laugh like hell playing this game because we all miss a ton of them.  To feed his newly found Star Wars habit, I bought him Guess Who?: The Star Wars edition.  This game is designed for 5 and up, but I thought he could hack it.  It is fun, but since I’ve played about 57 times since his birthday on Saturday, I now want to burn it.  Not to mention, that once again, Milton Bradley has greatly decreased the quality of their games.  The pieces ritually don’t fold down properly and the paper cards pop out very easily.  As I mentioned in my Hungry Hungry Hippos post, Milton Bradley is producing great games with really shitty quality.  I’d rather pay a few dollars extra to have a game that actually works properly and doesn’t piss off my 3 year old.



  1. elefun is a great game!

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