Posted by: mamamamahoney | January 20, 2009

Is This What You Call A Diplomatic Exit?

I just received a message from one of my work colleagues stating that they are eliminating me as a friend on Facebook because I have an Anti-Obama link on my profile.  Is this what you call being diplomatic?  1) If you don’t want to read what people have to say in the link or know that you don’t agree with it, then don’t click into it.  2) I am entitled to my own opinion, as well as what I put on my Facebook page 3) Obviously since there is a group created for it, I’m not alone in my opinion.  The adult in me doesn’t know whether to feel like a target in this email or to just brush it off knowing full well that this person is a staunch democrat and very opinionated when it comes to politics. The child in me feels like she is back in kindergarten…….”I can’t be your friend because I saw you talking to Sally and I don’t like her!”  To each his own.


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