Posted by: mamamamahoney | January 16, 2009

Safety First

Today, my company provided us with Emergency Backpacks which include glow sticks, water, protective goggles, a particulate mask, a flashlight and a whistle.  Now, I don’t know if it is just coincidence that these were provided after a plane went down in the Hudson River, but either way, I think this is brilliant.  Since the NYC Blackout of 2003, I’ve had my own commuter backpack stocked with safety stuff like glow sticks, a flashlight, a whistle, a first aid kit, water, high energy snacks, etc.  because, well, let’s be honest… this is New York City and god only knows what can happen here.  At first I thought of reducing my personal backpack safety stash, but, since I don’t plan on carrying my work safety bag on the subway, I’m leaving my own stuff in tact.  Better safe than sorry.

On a related note, for Christmas, I purchased my husband this 4 person, 72-hour survival backpack in case the shit hits the fan once Obama takes over.  It is totally grab and go and I think that anyone in a disaster-prone area should have such an item in their house.


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