Posted by: mamamamahoney | January 16, 2009

My Chubby Mii

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m not paying attention to the weight analysis on the Wii Fit.  My scale at home says that in 2 weeks, I’ve lost 4 pounds (YEAH ME!).  The Wii Fit says I gained 5.3 pounds since Wednesday (and that was last night).  Um…yeah…I know my ass is big, but I’ve been good on my diet and I did NOT gain 5.3 pounds overnight, got that Mr. Wii Fit Trainer???!!!

Sidenote:  I’m wondering if the drastic weight fluctuations on our Wii are due to the fact that we have it on the carpet rather than a flat floor surface.  Has anyone else had trouble or is it just my chubby little Mii???



  1. I had this problem when I first logged into Wii Fit. It said I was 6 pounds, I think. When I restarted it again it was concerned about the significant amount of weight I had gained. Maybe try quitting out and turning off the board, and restarting?

  2. hiya it’s really effected by time eg keep the time you weight yourself at the same time it is also effected by what you wear(try to keep the same cloths for the wii fit time) it is a BMI indicator and not a original scales .

    Hope this helps you out

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