Posted by: mamamamahoney | January 8, 2009

Things I Know

  1. I’m down 3 pounds and I’m friggin’ lovin’ the Wii Fit.  Cutest Game Ever?  The Little Slippery Penguin Game!
  2. My husband unseeded my infamous Super Hula Hoop Record by like 200 points.  IT IS ON bitches!
  3. Though it probably isn’t on my diet, Dunkin Donuts has brought back the Dunkachino!  WHOO-HOO!  You know it is so much better than that crap they have at Starbucks!  No comparison.  None.  I’m a DD girl (in more ways than one!) And can someone tell me what the allure at Starbucks is?  Everything I’ve ever had there has tasted like crap to me.
  4. My page has stopped snowing    😦    And speaking of snow….where is all of the snow?  We haven’t had one decent snow yet and you know those fat ass squirrels were eating up my garden all fall for something.  There better be a 6 footer coming soon!


  1. Go you on the 3 pounds! Woohoo!

    The penguins huh? Haven’t tried that one yet. With the recommendation, I will tomorrow. 🙂

    I like the DD Iced Coffee with Blueberry syrup. Drool. I was getting it over the summer. We’d go after B ran a 5k and he’d get donuts and I’d get the iced coffee. I miss it…

    • The kids think seeing my Mii as a penguin is hilarious!!!
      mmmm…donuts after a 5K run – maybe I’ll get there someday.

  2. Wii penquins are fun! LOL! I’ve been playing ever since. 🙂

    I don’t run the 5k. B does. I just take advantage of the trip to DD.

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