Posted by: mamamamahoney | January 6, 2009

The Government is Trying to Screw Us AGAIN!,0,2083247.story

Do you believe this shit?  The government is now trying to tell us that you can’t sell your used baby clothes or toys……want to know why?  Because they need to make sure that these items don’t have lead or phthalates in them.  Are you fucking kidding me US Government?  Isn’t this your job?  Shouldn’t you be regulating what comes in and out of this country?  So in an effort to further screw the American people, you are going to continue to let this led filled shit from China invade our market, while you screw the hard working American by making it impossible to get anything secondhand?  Not to mention all of the people you are forcing to close their businesses and all of the people that will lose their jobs as a result.  AND, now you can’t donate items either.  So anyone who used to shop at a thrift shop?  Screwed!  AND where should we put all of this stuff we can no longer use?  Oh, that is right.  The landfill.  So, now we can further pollute our planet.  Don’t you know you shouldn’t shit where you eat, US Government??? Are our children supposed to run around naked if we can’t afford to clothe them?  Thanks, Obama and the Democrats.  You  just put us one step closer to Communism.  Nice fucking CHANGE you are proposing!



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