Posted by: mamamamahoney | January 4, 2009

Well On My Way

Here is me actually sticking to my New Year’s Resolution AND my exercise regime.  I’m loving the Wii Fit.  I just did 2 rounds of Basic Run (along with Super Hula Hoop) with CheezWaster and sadly (or rather appropriately) he kicked my ass all the way to the finish line……both times!  I’ve even been good about my eating so far.  Saturdays are usually McDonald’s days with CheezWaster, but today we opted to go to Wendy’s where I was able to get a side salad (with fat free dressing!) with my hamburger.  I stood on the scale for the first time today since Christmas and I am actually 4 pounds lighter (weight number not yet to be divulged because frankly it pains me to even have to type it).  I couldn’t believe it because I usually pork out at least 7 to 10 pounds at the holidays.  So, here’s to keeping up with my New Year’s Resolution (and my new diet buddy Chris!)

Check Me out on the Wii Fit (with my chubby Mii)

Check Me out on the Wii Fit (with my chubby Mii)



  1. Dude, I have a chubby Mii too! LOL! Love that you used your Wii today. Me too! Have you tried the step yet? That was fun, but I tell ya, not easy. I’ve tried it 4 times today, unlocked the advanced step and am still going with basic. 🙂 But I love the running one too. Woohoo! Go you!

    Will you share how much you’re loosing? I sooo get not wanting to post how much you weigh. I sure as hell don’t! LOL!

    I made a fabulous Deep Dish Pizza Casserole from WW, if you want the recipe. It’s awesome!

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