Posted by: mamamamahoney | December 19, 2008

Felt is SO not fun!

Our Felt Ming Ming Ornament

Our Felt Ming Ming Ornament

OK people at Noggin – I don’t know what kind of industrial strength glue you are using, but my Ming Ming is just not cutting it.  So here are the lessons I learned with our Wonder Pets! Felt Project:

  1. Felt is SO not fun!
  2. When you glue felt to felt and push on it to adhere, the glue just squeezes through the felt and onto your fingers (ICK!).
  3. Felt does not like to stay glued to other felt.
  4. Felt is a pain in the ass to cut (even with my super sharp German scissors!)

CheezWaster had fun putting this together, but I don’t think it is going to hold up very well.  I still have to do some kind of threading to put an ornament hook on this, though I’m dreading the thing might fall apart when I attempt that and then I’m just busting out the Crazy Glue!

*UPDATE* – Once the glue fully dried and hardened, this wasn’t as bad as the still wet version.  There is hope for my crafting skills yet!!!



  1. hmm. next time i would use fusible webbing, which you cut to size and press with a dry iron (and a pressing cloth) and it gets all melty and sticks the pieces together. you can buy it off the bolt, probably even at walmart. it’s usually with the stabilizers. i might even have some for you to try. are you using fabric scissors? (i apparently need to be the leader of your elite crafting super squad)

    • You could have your own sub-blog on how to PROPERLY craft, if you’d like! :o)

      Fusible webbing sound like a good idea, but giving my son and iron would surely guarantee us another trip to the hospital (though it isn’t Monday so that is working in our favor!)

  2. for the actual hanging on the tree, thread a needle and pass it through the ornament to make a loop, and then put a hook on that. (sorry for the double commenting)

    • yes – that was my plan – something with a needle & thread. Didn’t think to add a hook, though. Thanks for the tip!

  3. […] 3) Noggin, can we explore the world of paper or beads or something that is not made from felt?  Felt is not fun. 4) Mom, do you really want one of these for Valentine’s Day? – OK, so you get my point […]

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