Posted by: mamamamahoney | December 12, 2008

The Big M

Thanks to the likes of PBS Kids and the damn Madagascar (move it, move it!)movie, CheezWaster can spot the Golden Arches a mile away. And even if we’ve just eaten dinner, he is still hungry for a chicken nugget (McD’s chicken nuggets are like crack for my 3 years old!) Aside from the times when they have really good toys, I try not to go there that often (because let’s be honest, my ass is big enough already!). But, as of late, if I see another McD’s, it will be too soon. For about the past month, I have eaten far too many happy meals with CheezWaster trying to get all of the Madagascar toys (which are not strewn across my entire house and always seem to be making noise – thanks to The Sleep Deprivator’s clenching grip of death on one of them at all times!) So, today I was poking through some of my Snapfish albums to see if I had a good pic of my parents with the kids and what did I notice? The many photos of CheezWaster with Ronald himself. CheezWaster loves to sit on Ronald’s lap and take pictures. The pinnacle moment for CheezWaster was when Ronald, who appeared in our town’s bicentennial parade, gave me a high five. The look on this face was priceless – like it was the best day of his life! Anyway – too make a long post short (too late!) – here are some of our McDonald’s picture collection.






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