Posted by: mamamamahoney | December 5, 2008

It’s Really OK to Accept Help

I know what several people who are reading that title are thinking…Hallelujah…she finally got it.  But, sorry folks, I’m not talking about me. (and yes, I do accept help sometimes!) My husband’s grandmother was in the hospital this week. She passed out in the grocery store (and thankfully it was not driving the car!) and the doctors don’t really know why. On and off over the past year, she has wound up in the hospital. She is in her upper 80s and is a trooper and a half. She still graciously cooks family dinner for all of us on Wednesdays and she even goes to visit the “little old ladies” at the nursing home. However, today, I’m a little angry with her. She hosts Christmas for the family and generally cooks a fantastic Thanksgiving-like meal. But this year, I thought it would be nice to give her a break and have it catered. Will she allow it? No. Even her daughter said that she is not going to like the idea of “giving up” the holiday. I don’t want her to be burdened, but she is old and stubborn and set in her ways and will continue to do Christmas on her terms. So, hopefully the help of us all making a dessert or a side dish will be enough to take some of the stress and burden off her without relinquishing control of “her” Christmas.


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