Posted by: mamamamahoney | December 4, 2008

Just another reason why I hate Apple….and my birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday – and another holiday came and went and I did not receive an Ipod.  Now, based on the title of this post, yes, I hate Apple – because thewhoring of their I-products has made it impossible to make Itunes compatible with anything else.  I currently have a Sansa mp3 player which I like alot, albeit its lack of memory space due to my massive music collection that has still not been entirely ripped.  However, getting new music to my player is the biggest pain in the ass in the world due to the “special” mp4 format from Itunes.  I have to burn a CD of the song and then re-rip it as an mp3 player and then load it on to my player (see? – pain in the ass!)  Yesterday, my husband’s birthday gift to me was a new CD-R/DVD-R (not the best gift, but he usually pulls out the big guns for Xmas!) so I could finally get the ton of new songs I bought off of Itunes onto my mp3 player.  Our computer bit the big one a while back and I’ve been without a CD player for some time now.  Well, of course I tried to rip 2 CDs last night and it all went to crap.  Itunes made it out like it was burning a CD and then it SCREWED me yet again.  No visible data on the CDs, but now Itunes won’t recognize them as blank either.  So, my CDs are crap, I couldn’t burn a CD and there is no new music on my mp3 player today.  Damn you Apple!



  1. […] from the evil monopolistic Apple.  At least this will ease my downloading of music from Itunes and quit my bitching. (at least that is what my husband was hoping when he made this […]

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