Posted by: mamamamahoney | November 25, 2008

Let Them Eat Pie…..Dough!

I apologize for the lack of updates lately, but my husband has been travelling quite extensively for his job and I’ve been living the life of a single mom.  I must give props to ladies who do this all the time.  It is a tough job to do alone.

Yesterday, CheezWaster and I made Pie Dough cookies.  We were inspired by the moose pie topper that we saw done on Noggin (have I mentioned how I love this channel?!).  I’m lazy and absolutely hate rolling out dough (though I’m going to have to make my husband gingerbread people cookies this year before he beats my ass with the special freeze board and rolling pin he bought me THREE years ago!).  I digress….so I bought the refrigerated pre-made pie crusts.  We laid them out and cut out shapes with our cookie cutters, re-rolling the scraps.  We made turkeys, leaves, pumpkins and gingerbread men.  I bought CheezWaster a set of edible markers and he colored up a storm on his cutouts.  Then, we covered them with regular and colored decorator’s sugars and baked them at 450 degrees for about 5 minutes (the pie crust recipe on the box said 10 minutes but that would have been way too long for these).  Much to my surprise, they turned out to be a light and flaky, not too sweet, tasty little treat.  CheezWaster had a blast making these and gobbled up 3 as soon as they were cool enough to eat.  One side note – the decorator’s sugar which is much thicker in texture worked much better than the regular sugar.  The regular sugar caramelized on some (mmm!) but burnt on others (yuck!)

Pie Dough Cookies

Pie Dough Cookies


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