Posted by: mamamamahoney | November 20, 2008

The Outdoor Channel

My parents have a second home in Pennsylvania.  It was built to be their retirement home, but tends to be an awful lot of work for them and therefore, I’d venture to guess that they probably won’t ever retire there.  Needless to say they use it as a weekend home, specifically for my dad to have his own property on which to hunt (it is 39 acres).  He recently shot 2 turkey (and yes, we do eat what he shoots), but he has been complaining about the lack of deer sightings lately.  The kids and I went up for the weekend since the hubby was travelling for business and I came to a realization.  The outdoor channel is the hunter’s equivalent of the tv yulelog.  At Xmastime, people put on the tv yulelog to mimic a real fireplace.  The outdoor channel features all kinds of animal hunting to mimic what hunters should be seeing in the woods, but fail to.  So, to all of the hunters….Happy Hunting or if you don’t get anything, Happy Watching the Outdoor Channel.



  1. OMG this is SO true!!! The boyfriend is a huge hunter & it’s been practically nothing but Outdoor Channel, VS Channel or Pursuit Channel for the past few weeks (he’s gearing himself up for hunting season!) So, yes, I totally agree…and your dad is right–there are no deer in PA!!

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