Posted by: mamamamahoney | November 11, 2008

Four and Counting

In another episode of the Why Me Files, I spent yesterday at the hospital with CheezWaster.  Our house of plague has picked up some sort of virus and it hit me and CheezWaster the worst.  We both spent a large portion of Saturday and Sunday vomiting.  I felt slightly better on Sunday night, but by Monday morning, CheezWaster needed full medical intervention.  Not only did he receive IV hydration, he also needed anti-nausea medication.  He seems in good spirits despite a nasty, nagging cough and though I’m no longer vomiting, I still feel like someone kicked my ass six ways of Sunday.  The SleepDeprivator seems to be fairing the best, despite being the starter of this entire plague.  He threw up on and off on Thursday and Friday and seemed fine until he yacked minimally again twice yesterday.  The husband feels ill, but seems to have escaped the digestive pyrotechnics.  What the hell are we going to do with this sad lot of sick folks???  I’m really getting tired of being miserably ill.  I can’t seem to shake anything this year (thanks superbugs!) and I really hate having to respond Yes when the triage nurse asks me if I’ve been to the ER before (with my 2 year old).  4 trips in one year is just about enough for me (watch out Ringwoods – we might overtake your record – there’s still all of December and half of November left).  Needless to say, I have sunk all of my energy and sympathy into getting the kids healthy and I still feel like ass (a mother’s work is never done).  Hopefully, I’ll be on the mend soon.  Until then, I’m just happy nothing has made a 2nd appearance today!


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