Posted by: mamamamahoney | November 6, 2008

IKEA – how I love thee!

Yesterday, the Wednesday moms and I took the kids to IKEA and the Christmas Tree Shop.  Yes, we dared to enter stores with 6 kids ages 3 and under.  And in a random turn of events, I was pleasantly surprised at some of my IKEA purchases and completely disappointed with the Christmas Tree Shop (as evidenced by my $35 bill – usually well over the $75 mark).   I bought CheezWaster and The Sleep Deprivator 6 different animal hand puppets that are cute as hell.  CheezWaster is big into puppets lately – talk about Best Stocking Stuffer EVER! 

Hand Puppets from IKEA

Hand Puppets from IKEA

Not to mention getting a kick-ass lunch at the IKEA cafe for $8 (for me and CheezWaster – mmmm, Swedish meatballs! and the cool play area for the kids right in the cafe)  I don’t know whether we hit the Christmas Tree Shop at a bad time – they really had very little fall/Thanksgiving stuff and they didn’t have their usual good Xmas stuff.  I mean, they had Xmas stuff, I just didn’t qualify it as “good”.  Plus, I was hoping to pick up some good discounted toys and that section was extremely lacking.  Oh well.  Guess we’ll have to try again some other day.

Random thought for the day: I just read this blog post about using your jack-o-lanterns to make pumpkin pie.  EWWWWW!  Firstly – half of my pumpkins on the steps are rotting now that it is friggin 65 degrees again (oh where oh where did my lovely fall weather go?!) and secondly, the other half have been mangled by the squirrels.  You couldn’t pay me money to cook that crap up and eat it for Thanksgiving dessert.  So EWWWWW!



  1. Hi there…I just read this today and it looks like you just posted it last week. I bought these same puppets for my son last winter and I have been searching desperately for them over the past few months for my neice. I can’t even find them on ebay…it was as if they never existed. Did you really find these in the store last week? I looked at the IKEA website and they are not on there, but perhaps they have brought them back for the holidays again and they are just not on the site yet…where are you in the USA? I was about to go with the Mary Meyer puppets for her, but they are three times the price and really not as cute.
    I am so hoping that you really did see these just last week……….
    BTW, your writing is hilarious. :o)

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