Posted by: mamamamahoney | November 3, 2008

Playing Second Fiddle

Should you look a gift horse in the mouth even when you know with all of your heart you were the second choice?  I’m not sure how to feel about a situation.  To leave out specifics as there are folks that read this blog involved, I was asked to do something – which I’m happy to do. But, deep in the back of my mind lingers the same thought – that I was only asked to do this thing because person #1 is no longer available.  I know my husband is rolling his eyes right about now because over the past few years he’s heard me bitch about this far more than I probably should. Call me insecure, call me stupid, call me whatever, but this is a scenario that has happened to me in life in various situations over and over again.  And I always go back to a comment that my first instrumental music teacher told my mom,  “Nicole is great at a lot of things, but frankly she is a jack of all trades and a master of none.”  At almost 33, I’ve accomplished far more than a lot of people ever get to experience in life, but once…..just once, I’d like to be the #1 pick.  :o(



  1. You’re the #1 pick to your hubby and wonderful kids, and that’s all you need 🙂
    Plus, I think being a jack of all trades makes someone amazingly interesting and a great conversationalist in many topics – and you’re both of those things!!! 🙂

  2. You are my #1 pick if I ever want to play bingo or hang out in Founders or listen to a coffee house performance!!!!!!!!! Not sure if that helps, but I tried! 😀

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