Posted by: mamamamahoney | October 30, 2008

Final Destination

To further question my “craziness” to everyone on the web, I will admit that I am completely paranoid on the NYC subway.  I mean, if I am about to get blown up, the last places I want to be are the Lincoln Tunnel, the subway or at work.  I am one of those people that scans everyone making sure no one is about to blow up the number 7 line, which if you didn’t know runs from Port Authority through Grand Central – 2 very important logistical locations in NYC.  Anyway, today I felt like I was having a Final Destination moment.  As I’m walking through the subway halls, I hear 2 subway preachers.  One is talking about how the End is Near and the other (a black man incidentally) is shouting, “You can not expect Obama to save you or to change or save the world”.  A bit further down, there was a musician playing Green Day’s “Time of Your Life”.  Then, I get on the subway and there are 2 Middle Eastern looking men sitting across from me.  One has a small, square black bag (odd shape) with a strap.  The other has 2 items, one in each pocket, that are square in shape, but do not resemble a phone or a wallet.  He is also diddling with a Blackberry device.  I focus my attention on them.  This may make me sound a little racist, but honestly it is just caution.  I would have looked the same way at 2 white men with such an odd shaped bag and small square items in their pockets.  Honestly, I focus my attention at anyone who is diddling with electronic devices in the subway since I’m sure they have no service and could activate a bomb.  This completely freaked me out.  I’m thinking, it is election time which has always been a cause for terrorism and my ass is about to get blown straight out to 5th Avenue.  And then I realized this wasn’t going to happen because the people in the Middle East are probably hoping Obama gets into office.  He has a Muslim background including attending a Madras, he is anti-war and would like to remove our troops from the area and he wants to sit down and pussyfoot “talk” about peace (like no one has ever tried that before?!) And then we pulled into Grand Central and I exited the subway safely.


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