Posted by: mamamamahoney | October 27, 2008

2nd Place – It Feels Like First!

Today was our town’s annual Halloween parade and costume contest.  The weather was fabulous and the town is great in that every kid gets a trophy (they call them Honorable Mentions – this year we can officially call them Losers!) and a treat bag.  Like all competitive moms and dads (deep down aren’t we all just a little competitive with stuff like this???), we were checking out the competition during the parade phase.  Last year, CheezWaster and his friend (who incidentally wore the same costume due to CheezWaster’s aversion to his original duck costume) were wrongly robbed of a prize.  This year, however, CheezWaster pulled off a 2nd place win (in the most original category) and his friend, who we shall affectionately refer to as Jack Sparrow (yes, he was a pirate!), pulled off a 1st place win (in the scariest category).  Sadly, The Sleep Deprivator was only a honorable mention loser winner.  Below are the winning and losing honorable mention costumes.  Go Blue Monster!!!

The Winning Blue Monster and the Honorable Mention Tigger

The Winning Blue Monster and the Honorable Mention Tigger



  1. Cute! Good thing they had those on. It’s been COLD!!!

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