Posted by: mamamamahoney | October 24, 2008

What’s wrong with this picture?

Since my last visit to see my family in Germany, I’ve packed on 60 pounds, largely due to my stupidity in believing that I could eat anything without consequence while pregnant with CheezWaster.  My parents took along pictures of the kids on their recent trip, many of which included me.  My very blatantly rude family all made sure to first comment on my weight and then on the cuteness of my kids.  So, this is what they decided to send me for my Trip Gift*.  Does anyone else think there is something completely wrong with this picture???

My Trip Gift from Germany

My Trip Gift from Germany

*In Germany it is typical to give someone a parting gift after a visit or send along something for family that could not be there.
**Please note the size of the normal Ritter Sport bar and the ENORMOUS one they also decided to include. (What exactly are they trying to tell me???)


  1. Yup. Wrong. LOL! If you are seeking a place to remove said wrongness, I think you have my mailing address. 😉

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