Posted by: mamamamahoney | October 21, 2008

They have returned!

My parents returned home from their trip to the Fatherland Germany yesterday and you know what that means???

  1. Free dinners! (yeah!) – yes, my parents cook us dinner on the nights I work.  Oh, how I love them!
  2. Free childcare! (yeah!) – yes, my parents watch my kids while I work.  Oh, how I love them!
  3. Me back at work (UGH!) – I really enjoyed staying home everyday with the boys for 2 weeks, but my mortgage payment calls!
  4. CheezWaster using the potty – OR SO HE SAID BEFORE THEY LEFT!

CheezWaster made a deal with my parents before they left that he was going to use the potty when Oma and Opa came back from Germany.  As I talked to him about it this past week in preparation, he told me he would only use our potty, but not theirs (are there monsters in their potty???)  This is the kid who used the potty like a champ over the summer until the infamous peacock attack, the antibiotics and the resulting diarrhea from said antibiotics.  Since then he has randomly chose to use the potty at will including once pooping in the potty (ironically not our potty, but Aunt Ruth and Uncle Murph’s potty on our most recent vacation to Virginia).  Though, he seems to have no real desire to potty train.  I’ve just begun the bribery technique which seems to be working quite nicely for my friend Rachel and her daughter.  CheezWaster has a potty training chart from over the summer where he needs just 3 more stickers to get “the BIG sticker”.  I told him if he got the big sticker I would get him KungFu Panda – a movie I’ve been hesitant to buy since my son’s new found love of kicking other kids’ asses with his kung fu like moves.  He seems interested when I mention it but has yet to follow through.  We shall see how this week and the monster potty at my parents’ house goes.  Wish us luck!


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