Posted by: mamamamahoney | October 19, 2008

Out with the Old and in with the New

Recently, we’ve been watching Noggin rather than Sprout, because Sprout seems to re-run their episodes of shows very closely together (why am I always watching the same damn episode of Caillou???) and I am completely fascinated by Yo Gabba Gabba! (not to mention some of the other addicting songs/show themes).  Firstly, DJ Lance is so cool – that mix of the 70’s, Shaft and Erkel.  And the “monsters” are just the cutest (Brobee is my favorite – based purely on this).  But, does anyone else think there is something weird about a man/DJ who has a case of “monsters” that come to life and dance & sing?  Wasn’t there an 80’s horror movie about that or at the very least a Twilight Zone episode?  Anyway – CheezWaster is all about it and they do have a lot of great messages for kids.  And if they keep coming up with songs like “Party in My Tummy”, I’m all over it!  Not to mention, Wow Wow Wubzy follows it.  That is another theme song I can’t stop singing!   Wow Wow Wow!!!



  1. J is addicted as well. I have to make him a wow wow woobzy toy. lol

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