Posted by: mamamamahoney | September 26, 2008

Verizon – Your Customer Service STINKS!

My parents’ trouble with Verizon continue.  They continue to be charged for premium channels that they were promised for free in a promo that in not being honored (despite calling to have them removed from both the TV and the bill), Verizon will not take any responsibility for the damage done to their house during the installation of their FIOS service, and today, a customer service representative actually had the audacity to tell my mom that 1) she would never have made any adjustments to the bill like previous customer service reps did, 2) the paper that my mom signed from the guy who came to the door soliciting her business is “not a legal contract” (I wonder if they would agree when we say we want it removed but don’t want to give their equipment back – I mean really? – we don’t have a legal contract, do we Verizon?) and the paper she signed does not have to be honored, and 3) that all of the supervisors were so busy that she couldn’t even put my mom into a queue to speak to one – gee….could it be because your service and especially your customer service SUCK, Verizon???  Never have I seen a company be so rude to their customers and have such crappy customer service, from start to finish.  It must be nice to have a job where you can do it half-assed and be an asshole to your customers.  Sign me up for that one!

I wonder just how much Comcast is capitalizing off of this? They clearly are wise to what is going on given their recent flood of paper mailings and promos.  Where were you 5 months ago Comcast?  If you had planned a little bit, maybe half of your customers wouldn’t have jumped ship and now be disgruntled by both cable providers in NJ.  I’m still thinking the dish is looking like a good option.



  1. Note about the dish…don’t go with Direct Tv, they screwed me over one to many times, that is why we have fios. Though honestly, other than the huge increase in our bill after a year, we have never had complaints with them. When we call we questions we have always gotten prompt and helpful answers. Just goes to show you, what happens when a company gets too big too fast. They have to hire unqualified employees. 😦

  2. watch out for Verizon. We’re a couple of weeks into our FiOS experience and are still experiencing issues, and the answer from Verizon is always: “you don’t have that on your account, it will be an extra nickle and dime per month.”

    Go with FiOS and set yourself up for agony (if you care anything about your cash outlay).

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