Posted by: mamamamahoney | September 24, 2008

The Evil Apple Empire

1) Can someone please tell me how it is possible for an mp3 player to “skip”?

2) Why does Itunes have to be in a friggin different format?  Yes, I know that Apple claims it is for clearer sound quality – but I personally, believe, it is so you buy into their exclusive empire club.  When I asked my husband for a digital music player for Xmas a few years ago, I also said I wanted something with a radio, so that when I’m stuck on the bus, I can figure out whether or not I’m going to have to pee on the side of the highway again when I’m going to get home.  At the time, Apple offered no radio option for the Ipod, so he bought me a Sansa.  I’ve been extremely happy with the quality of the Sansa, albeit the small memory space.  However, it is a real pain in the ass to have to download music from Itunes, rip it onto a CD (a waste of a CD now that my new car has an audio input), and then re-rip the tracks into mp3s.  Yes, there are converters, but they are largely all pay services.  Why can’t Itunes offer an mp3 format?  They are by far the most widely used site for music downloads and most of the mp3 download sites only offer monthly subscriptions (stupid!) rather than pay as you go options.  With the lack of space left on my Sansa and my still half unripped CD collection, as well as my frustration with Itunes, I must admit that I have been thinking of joining the evil Apple empire (especially now that there is an Ipod radio option).  It would make life much simpler and give me a TV/movie viewing option and a podcast option.  And my husband could inherit my Sansa for all of his stolen mp3s (it is good to work in computers!).  We’ll see, I suppose…..I’m still mulling the idea.  I don’t give up my grudges that easily.



  1. […] evil monopolistic Apple.  At least this will ease my downloading of music from Itunes and quit my bitching. (at least that is what my husband was hoping when he made this […]

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