Posted by: mamamamahoney | September 18, 2008

Farmer’s Bounty

Fruits of Our Labor

Fruits of Our Labor

Yesterday, the kids and I, along with our friends, went apple picking in NY.  This is one of my most favorite fall activities to do.  In fact, I, as well as CheezWaster, love picking just about anything.  In the summer, we always go peach picking and in the fall, we pick apples and pumpkins.  This year, in our garden we attempted pumpkins again.  We planted an entire packet of seeds and sadly all we got was 5 pumpkins.  I’m sort of torn about the pumpkin planting – 2 years ago, we planted 2 seedlings that we picked up at our local greenhouse and we got 31 pumpkins – extraordinary, I know.  And in the back of my mind, I always use this as a standard.  Moreso, the pumpkins make a mess of the garden.  The vines overtake everything and in fact, this year, killed my cucumber plants by growing, over, under and through them, not allowing them to get any sunlight.  Our tomatoes, on the hand, grow like weeds (this is NJ after all!) and sadly it looks as if the season is coming to an end.  I can always tell that fall is on its way via the demise of my garden (and the cool, crisp mornings – I’m loving it! – albeit my horrible allergies this year).  But, we have enjoyed another summer planting and tending our garden and reaping the fuits of our labor.


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