Posted by: mamamamahoney | September 9, 2008

Verizon – You continue to SUCK!

While all of my issues with my Verizon bill have been take care of (see here and here), my parents continue to have a problem.  Let’s forget about the fact that the Verizon technician knocked some piece off of their chimney (and laid it nicely against the house) which Verizon claims never would have happened since the technician would not be up there (despite a cable coming right out of the house next to the chimney) – claim STILL pending.  But, the BIG issue is that they are supposed to have a promo of one year’s worth of free movie channels.  Verizon is “trying” to resolve the situation but continues to bill them each month for their free movie channels.  Now, you know damn well that if you didn’t pay your bill, they would shut your service off in a heartbeat – so why is it that it has taken 4 months for them to figure out what is going on?  Still nothing has been resolved and the charges for the movie channels still continue to appear on the bills.  Never have I seen such horrible customer service in my life (though I must admit the last woman I spoke with at Verizon on behalf of my parents was AMAZINGLY helpful!)  Perhaps they saw the new Comcast mailings dogging them and decided to finally pony up some customer service reps that know what they are doing.  One step forward and two steps back.  Get it together Verizon!!!



  1. […] Verizon – Your Customer Service STINKS! September 26, 2008 My parents’ trouble with Verizon continue.  They continue to be charged for premium channels that they were promised […]

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