Posted by: mamamamahoney | September 5, 2008

This is my Backpack

This is my Backpack.  There are many like it, but this one is mine.

The Infamous Backpack

The Infamous Backpack


For the 10 years or so, I’ve carried the same backpack.  While the initials have changed, it is still the same, infamous LL Bean backpack.  It served me well in college and I still use it today to schlep all of my crap to work (after the 2003 Blackout, it is full of survival goods).  Despite the zippers crapping out on my first backpack and now starting to on my second backpack, there is something about this backpack that I can’t get away from.  First, it is apparently the only identifiable piece of me when in a crowd.  At least 4 times, friends from my old job or high school have stopped me on the train or in the subway and mentioned that they recognized me from my backpack.  Not my large ass shapely figure, my curly hair or my red shirt (Hi, Dee!) – just my backpack.  After much deliberation, I *had* decided to get a different bag to take to work.  Perhaps something a bit more professional or ergonomic, especially after I found that LL Bean no longer makes the lovely plum color (and the fact that the zippers keep crapping out on me! – have  I mentioned my zippers are crapping out on me again???).  But, yesterday a very high profile attorney at the firm where I work complimented me on my bag (and my youth!).  He mentioned how sporty I looked on a hot, summer day and how it brought back memories of his fun college days.  This was enough for me to decide that THE BACKPACK STAYS (even if I have to pick out some new ugly ass color*)

*Color suggestions welcome – not that there is much of a good selection.  Are tacky and gaudy back in style for the teen/college crowd???

**Love that reflector strip in the picture! If that wouldn’t blind you on the street, I don’t know what else would!



  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! I TOTALLY know what you mean!!! I still have my (the bright purple color before the subdued plum came out) LL Bean backpack as well. I don’t use it every day anymore because it has definitely seen better days (and, yes, has 1 or 2 zippers missing…I never bothered to get it replaced because then it wouldn’t be MY backpack) I used mine from middle school through grad school, so I know how awesome the LL Bean backpack is!!! As for colors, if I was getting a new one, I’d go with classic black (you can never go wrong w/ black) or the navy or green, I think. (But, I hear you on the color selection…WTF?!?!) Anyway, I just had to comment on this post…I’m right there with you, sister (as, let’s face it, I am on most of your posts!!) Love ya!!!

  2. Since I’m apparently now your blog stalker…I would go with the Royal. Because Black is boring, and Red might clash with your red shirts 🙂 Although in all fairness I don’t really know what your work wardrobe looks like, so maybe you could get away with the red!

  3. My first picks were the Lilac, Pink, or Sky Blue – then I noticed they were ALL sold out. GRRRRR. So, I would get the Navy. I think it’s most versatile w/o being booooooooring black. My college roommate (who is still one of my best friends) had the same backpack in Navy, and I have fond memories of it lying around our various dorms 🙂

  4. My vote is for the navy or green (not the lime of course)…not boring black but still doesn’t look like a kids backpack…good luck!

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