Posted by: mamamamahoney | September 4, 2008

Milton Bradley you SUCK!

Yes, honey – after last night, you knew damn well this was going to be today’s post!

Yesterday, I purchased CheezWaster the Hungry, Hungry Hippos game.  I don’t know who was more excited, me or him.  This was my all time favorite childhood game.  My brothers used to hide it so they wouldn’t have to play it with me anymore.  Anyway – I was disappointed (and that is being polite about it – ok I was ragingly pissed) to find out that in an effort to (what I assume is to) cut costs, Milton Bradley/Hasbro has decided that it would be easier to make a game that you need to take apart to play and AGAIN to store, than to just make a bigger box.  Do you believe this shit?  I have to put together AND take apart the game every time my son wants to play it?  He’s 2 – do you think he (or I) has/have the patience to wait for this?  Now, I could just be a normal, relaxed mom about it (but who are we kidding?) and leave the thing together and chuck it somewhere, but where the hell am I going to store the (very NOT flat, put together) hippos game in my tiny house?  Milton Bradley – YOU SUCK!  Pony up the extra 5 cents it takes to mass produce a bigger box, so I don’t have to take apart my damn Hippos Game!!!



  1. Ooh I’m glad you brought this up. I noticed the smaller box while we were at the toy store this weekend and considered picking it up, since the hippos we purchased a few years ago are in a giant one, but I was worried that there would be some assembly required. Sorry 😦

  2. Oh, my gosh…we should revolt! Our hippo game is now stored in a rubbermaid tote and gets played about once every 3 months, when we remember that we put it in a rubbermaid tote in order to fit the hippos!

  3. […] don’t fold down properly and the paper cards pop out very easily.  As I mentioned in my Hungry Hungry Hippos post, Milton Bradley is producing great games with really shitty quality.  I’d rather pay a few […]

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