Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 29, 2008

Cupcake Party for One

Yet again today, I watched another belligerent, unprofessional manager at my job stick me with the shit – for a completely non-job related matter, no less.  Today is a friend of mine’s last day at work.  I asked the assistant for the group if anything was planned for her farewell (as only certain people have been privy to receiving a farewell party in this group).  She point blank asked the manager and her response was “We don’t typically do that.”  So – in discussions with the assistant, I planned a little get together for about 8 people that included $40 worth of cupcakes from Buttercup Bakeshop and soda, paper goods, etc. (everything that would have been provided by our food service group had it been a company sponsored party)  All of this came out of my pocket and the goodness of my heart.  When the manager came in and saw the email, she not only yelled at me in front of our entire suite (mind you she is NOT my manager and in fact I don’t even work for her group) but basically told me that everything I planned was wrong and would not happen because she herself had planned a surprise party.  I was not aware that 1) you needed FBI-level clearance to know about a farewell party and 2) that it was so offensive to plan a farewell gathering for a colleague/friend.  When the assistant of the group doesn’t even know about it – something smells fishy to me.  This particular manager is a complete control freak and I’m sure did not like her toes stepped upon.  So, 1) there goes my diet…..AGAIN and 2) I guess I’ll be having my own party in my cube this afternoon – me and 18 of my best cupcake friends!




  1. OMG that SUCKS!!!!!! Argh I’m SO sorry you had such a bad experience – I think you should quit and go some place where your niceties will be appreciated the way they should be!!

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