Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 28, 2008

In Training

My battles with The Sleep Deprivator continue.  While he has greatly improved to only waking once a night, he still does not sleep through the night (at 8.5 months old) and it kills me to listen to him cry it out.  We’re also working on the potty training with CheezWaster, who only seems to be motivated on Wednesdays when he sees his older friends use the potty (I’m thinking of telling him that everyday is Wednesday!).  I’ve been trying to take the laid back approach and let him tell me when he’s ready.  Generally, he is good about telling me when he pees, but the pooping…that is another story.  Unless it is explosive, he will deny, deny, deny (in complete shame and embarrasment) until I drag him kicking and screaming (and smelling!) to the changing room!  We go for doctor’s appointments in a few weeks, where I’ll be begging for some potty training and sleep training advice.  Looks like the kids aren’t the only ones in training.  I’m definitely in need of some “teacher” training because clearly whatever the hell I’m doing, isn’t working (that great anyway)!


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