Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 26, 2008

I’m Your Huckleberry

In episode #3 of I can’t make this shit up – I fell off a tractor this weekend (and not only did I fall, but I fell very stupidly to avoid crushing my son).  My parents have 39 acres of property in Pennsylvania with a house and a killer front hill – which is awesome for sledding – not so much for tractor riding (or ass falling/rolling).  My (very German) dad was driving the tractor while CheezWaster and I were riding in the cart in the back.  My dad thought it a brilliant idea to drive us downhill too see the wild huckleberries we were going to pick later when my fat ass (allegedly!) tipped over the cart.  Here’s how the post ass-falling conversation went:

Me: Oh My God, Dad! (this was as I continued to roll down the hill)

Dad (laughing – because me falling on my ass is always hilarious?!): Vat ze hell just happened?

Me: What the hell did you stop here for?

Dad: Ven vee drive on ze hill, you can’t sit on ze downhill side of zee cart. (This information may have been helpful to me before he decided to drive down the hill!)

Oh and did I mention that in a karma moment, when he got off the tractor to help me and CheezWaster, he, too, slipped and slid down the hill!  What goes around, comes around!  Ain’t Karma a bitch like that? 

Needless to say (and thank god) – CheezWaster is fine.  My back muscles are sore, but someone was definitely watching over me on Sunday!  Let’s hope this is the last of the “accidents” for me and CheezWaster!

On a side note – and because I love the movie Tombstone – I just had to look up the “I’m your huckleberry reference”.  If you, too, are curious, check it out here.


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