Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 21, 2008

Boston Market Cupcakes ROCK!

Bzzagent hooked me up with some Free Cupcake Pogs for Boston Market (in addition to some other valuable coupons) and over the weekend, my husband and I endulged ourselves.  I must tell you, these cupcakes are SINFUL!  We tried both the Death By Chocolate and the Neopolitan varieties – both chocolate cake cupcakes.  The Neopolitan has layers of colored and flavored frosting – this was a tasty surprise!  The Death By Chocolate is a Chocolate Delight from top to bottom.  I tell you this for 2 reasons – 1) these are only being offered for a limited time and THEY ROCK! and 2) my ass is going on a diet starting Monday (post to follow on this!)  So – get your ass (skinny or fat) over to Boston Market and stuff your face with a tasty cupcake before these summer treats disappear!



  1. I haven’t tried them yet!! But I made black & white cupcakes tonight that are looking temptingly yummy in the kitchen … I really have to go back to work!!!

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