Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 19, 2008

Confessions of a Tape-Flag Junkie

Am I the only dork out there that has a mad tape-flag habit?  I have them stashed everywhere (drawers, purse, backpack) and my husband even fed my habit by buying me a tape-flag highlighter and a tape-flag pen one year for Christmas – the ultimate stocking stuffer in my eyes! Anyway – in an effort to return some organization to my life (it is tough these days with 2 little kids and a messy husband), I decided I was finally going to clean up the ever growing stack of magazines and catalogs that have tape flags and pages turned down and are beginning to cause a clutter at my home.  The sad thing is that it was really the 20 cents folders at Walgreens that spewed this project.  I purchased one for the peacock attack receipts and was inspired by my return to the organized world.  So, I went out and picked up a few more that are now labeled: 1) Travel Destinations (specifically for the kiddies), 2) Potential Xmas Gifts and 3) Recipes (Food and Non-Food).  I have a few more folders handy just in case I can come up with some other topics, but I’m hoping this will help curb my tape flag habit, as well as my household clutter.  Happy Organizing!



  1. […] reasonably priced, kid friendly destinations that I frequently rip out and catalog in my folders (I’m all about the folders)  I often find myself doing things out of this magazine and in fact gifted it to 2 of my friends […]

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