Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 15, 2008

Shopping with Kids

Earlier this morning, my mom ventured to the grocery store with my 2 kids (I’m at work today, so the tiny tots are with Oma and Opa).  She called to ask me “How the hell do you shop with 2 kids?”  Well, 1) I never grocery shop with the 2 kids (see my earlier post on Online Grocery Shopping) – it is near impossible since a toddler and an infant car seat take up every last bit of space in the cart. 2) When I do shop, I generally try and hit the Walmart and Target type stores since on the odd chance I forgot something while online grocery shopping, I can generally find it at one of these places.  In our area, the Target is right next to the Babies R Us, so we’ve been killing 2 birds with one stone lately.  And I must admit there is one saving grace about me taking my toddler (and my infant) to Target – the $2 pretzel and a drink combo (plus tax) at the Target Cafe.  CheezWaster loves going to Target just knowing he’s going to get a pretzel and when we pass one and don’t stop, he begins to freak out about “needing” a pretzel.  You’d be surprised how much sanity $2.14 can buy!  Once he has his pretzel and Icee (his special Target treat!) he is the Golden Child – there is very little, if any, whining and usually he is so consumed with eating and drinking, that he doesn’t even ask for anything – even when we pass the toys.  And, he wants to stay in the cart because he’s eating and drinking (add walking to this and my toddler turns into an even clumsier oaf!)  If you don’t want to lay out the 2 bucks, I highly suggest packing a snack and sippy cup for the store.  Snacks = Enjoyable Shopping Experience!


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