Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 14, 2008

Good idea, bad execution

Yesterday, friends of ours graciously gave us a Little Tikes playset to make way for their new bigger, better, wooden playset.  This will now be stationed at my parents house since 1) they watch my kids 3 days a week while I work and 2) they have a much larger, less used backyard than I, not to mention I live right next to a park.  Upon appearance, we thought we could take this home in large chunks, however, even with a big pick-up truck, the cab made each piece not fit by just a bit.  Little Tikes came up with a great solution to the screw – these gripper type piece that once they are pushed in, grab onto the piece as if attaching.  Well, yesterday we found out that the idea is great for putting the thing together – not so great for taking it apart.  There really is no way to get the pieces apart other than to muscle them out.  I frankly would have preferred 20 more screws.  But, in the end, the playset made it home, albeit in more pieces than we anticipated and CheezWaster is already begging for it to be put together, which I’m sure will be another rant-filled post in itself.



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