Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 11, 2008

Online Grocery Shopping

Every Sunday night, I sit at the computer and I grocery shop.  I must say this is one of the best new technologies out there.  While I previously had no problem going to the store, it is nearly impossible with an infant in a car seat and a toddler.  There is absolutely no room in the cart.  When I first starting online grocery shopping, I used Peapod and they sucked (hence no link to them).  I ordered groceries from them the first week I was home after The Sleep Deprivator’s birth.  None of my baby items came – no diapers, no formula, nothing – and with no explanation.  I tried calling customer service and it took about 10 tries until I stopped getting a ridiculously long wait and that annoying “your business is important to us” message – because clearly it wasn’t.  And did I mention their selection sucked?  For instance, they offered about 7 types of juice.  Yes, that’s it.  If you’ve ever been down the juice aisle, you know there is an aisle just for juice.  After this disaster of an experience, I explored other options and found ShopRite at Home, the service I currently use and love.  My local ShopRite offers 2 options.  You can grocery shop online and then go to the store and pick it up where they load your car and everything or you can have it delivered.  Since going to the store requires actually going in (and schlepping my 2 kids – I tried this the first time I used them), I opt for the delivery service.  The delivery men are always courteous and will bring your groceries to wherever you want them.  I can still use my coupons and if something is out of stock they call me to ask if the substitution they’ve chosen in OK.  It runs me about $20 with the shop for you and delivery service, but to me it is worth every penny!



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  3. […] the hell do you shop with 2 kids?”  Well, 1) I never grocery shop with the 2 kids (see my earlier post on Online Grocery Shopping) – it is near impossible since a toddler and an infant car seat take up every last bit of space in […]

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