Posted by: mamamamahoney | July 31, 2008

Verizon – YOU SUCK!

Yesterday, I go to the guide on my Fios TV.  With 300 channels, it really is the all-mighty of the tv.  I click into my favorites and all of the channel numbers have changed – too bad the actual channel content hadn’t yet changed.  What a mess!  Nothing matched up and I had to call customer service to have them reset my system.  Funny thing is, my standard box changed fine all by itself.  But, the HD-DVR box was just full of problems.  Today, my technologically inept parents call me at work, pissing and moaning that their TV just blanked out.  So, now they have to call Verizon, too.  Verizon, you better get your shit together.  Comcast is looking better and better every day!



  1. […] September 9, 2008 While all of my issues with my Verizon bill have been take care of (see here and here), my parents continue to have a problem.  Let’s forget about the fact that the […]

  2. wow you like to bitch.

    You can’t blame Verizon for your parents’ lack of knowledge. I use FiOS and so far I really like it, and it saves us 90 dollars a month as opposed to using direcTV + Vonage + RoadRunner ISP.

    If your parents went to Comcast you would have already ended your misery.

  3. bkdude – yes my parents are inept, but their problems have not been due to their lack of knowledge. when the tv blanks out, how is that their fault?

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