Posted by: mamamamahoney | July 29, 2008

Another day without fun

The days seem longer since the peacock attack.  I know that is partly because I can’t really do anything fun with CheezWaster for a few weeks.  The the poor,little guy just doesn’t understand why.  He understands that his lip has a boo-boo and tells hilarious stories about how the peacock jumped on his head, but he doesn’t understand why we can’t go chase bunnies at the park or why we can’t go to gymnastics.  All sports are considered full-contact for toddlers (even running in the park) and therefore, we are not allowed any athletic fun for 3 weeks which seems like an eternity to CheezWaster (and me).  So, we embarked on a crafting journey to AC Moore today (watch out grandmas – mad crafts coming your way!).  We found a bunch of great $1 crafts from the Nicole Crafts people (cool name by the way – hee hee!) and CheezWaster had a blast looking at all of the Halloween stuff that is already out (UGH!)  He even asked me if he could get a plastic toy peacock (and monkey).  How could I not let him.  I don’t want him to have a fear of peacocks.  The funniest part about our trip today was that on the way home, he was playing with the monkey and the peacock and he was reenacting the attack using the monkey in place of himself.  He was laughing.  This is a good sign.   Perhaps someday he’ll be able to enjoy the peacocks again.  Someday…………


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