Posted by: mamamamahoney | July 26, 2008

Verizon – you are at the top of my shit list!

Earlier this year, I was dying to get Verizon Fios.  Now, I’m dying to know why they SUCK so much!  I live in NJ where there has pretty much always been a monopoly on cable tv.   You either had your choice of Comcast or some satellite provider.  Comcast charged about $50 a month for about 50 channels.  So, when Verizon came touting their $99.99 plan for over 300 channels (with internet and phone), we were doing cartwheels.  Too bad they were full of shit.  Firstly, my bill is not $99.99 – it is more like $149.99. Secondly, their door-to-door solicitors are liars. Back in April, a man came to our door telling us that our neighborhood had now been outfitted with Fios.  The promo he offered us was either a free digital camera or a year’s worth of HBO.  Since we had just received a new digital camera for Xmas, we opted for what we thought was going to be a free year of HBO.  After 3 months, our bill told us our HBO was ending.  I called to complain and Verizon offered us a Movie Package deal of all of the other movie channels for 3 months.  I took it after specifically asking if I was going to be charged if I didn’t cancel it after 3 months.  They said no, it would come off automatically.  Again, lies.  This month, not only did my bill have a $15.99 charge for HBO, it now had a $14.99 charge for the movie package.  In addition to this, there was also a $5.99 inside wire maintenance fee.  Since no one has come to my house to do maintenance, Iquestioned this.  The representative told me that this was an insurance charge so that if something broke with the Verizon inside the house, you wouldn’t have to pay their outrageous labor charges.  1) I never authorized this to be added to my bill and 2) after having Fios for 4 months now, why was this suddenly added to my bill this month?  This is just Verizon’s way of hoping that people don’t pay attention to their bill to make some extra money.  My parent, who live on the other side of town, signed up for Fios about 2 months after we did.  They were offered a year’s worth of all of the movie channels as their promo.  Again, lies from the solicitor.  After calling to complain that they did not have the channels, my mother was told that in the time she signed up for Fios and the time it was installed, the promo ended.  So, because they couldn’t find a convenient time for their schedule, they got screwed on what they were offered.  Now, Verizon is clever in their marketing, because there is never any documentation of their “promos”, so when you call to complain, you basically get a “Oh, sorry, too bad sucker!”.  And Comcast is wise to what is going on because their marketing materials now say something to the effect of “Have you been screwed by Verizon?”  There are rumors going around that despite many offered wage and benefits packages, the workers of Verizon are planning to strike.  Well, I say – let them.  Hire scabs who maybe, just maybe might be able to do more than the half-assed job that is currently being done over at Verizon. Shame on you, Verizon.  You better get your shit in gear or it is back to Comcast I will go.



  1. You think that’s bad? Verizon’s the only company to challenge tru2way, meaning, they want to keep its customers tied to their DVRs. They argue that the new standard is incompatible with IPTV, even though half the set-tops in South Korea prove otherwise.

    Worst company ever.

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