Posted by: mamamamahoney | July 25, 2008


I bit the bullet and went to the doctor yesterday.  Something I don’t usually do until I’m full-on diseased.  But this time, I vowed I was going to nip this adult croup crap (aka bronchitis) in the bud before I become the miserable, sad sacks my kids were last week.  A couple Omnicef later and I’m already feeling better (God Bless you Abbott Labs).  Unfortunately, not only did they tell me I did have bronchitis, but that my blood pressure is also very high.  When I was pregnant with The Sleep Deprivator, I developed pre-eclampsia.  Hence, his premature birth (4 weeks to be exact).  My blood pressure was so high the day before his birth that they actually wanted to call me an ambulance from the doctor’s office (I declined – I’m German….I’m strong, I’m stubborn!)  Apparently, about 10-15% of women develop high blood pressure even after the pregnancy.  And since it runs in my family, I’m pretty much in the shit.  Being 75 pounds overweight isn’t helping my case either (damn the doctor for not yelling at me for gaining so much weight when I was pregnant with CheezWaster.  And damn the entire chocolate industry for feeding my every desire while pregnant).  Needless to say, when I came home from the doctor’s, I decided that I’m going to attempt to lose some weight (again!).  So what just appeared in my inbox at work?  A friggin invitation to a birthday party with cupcakes.  Enough said.


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