Posted by: mamamamahoney | July 17, 2008


My husband, who shall hence forth be referred to as MegaKlop – trust me, don’t ask – will tell you that I have many paranoias.  The most hilarious one is that of my alarm clock.  Firstly, my alarm clock must always be set to an odd numbered time like 5:39 am (its current setting).  And, secondly, I will check it about 18 times to make sure it is set properly before finally going to sleep.  I don’t know what I do this.  No scratch that – yes I do.  When I studied abroad in Germany, the first day we were there I set my spanking new travel alarm clock and must have missed the section on am vs. pm.  Thankfully, after many trips to Europe to visit my family, I never got much jetlag and woke up about 15 minutes before my group was supposed to meet for our first tour of our new, albeit temporary home.  I have never moved my ass so fast in my life to get ready to be somewhere.  And, yes, I did actually make it.  But, somehow, looking back, I feel that I did this clock checking routine before that particular incident.  I tend to think it is because of my chronically late mother.  Because of her, I abhor lateness and refuse to be late, even now with getting 2 kids out of the house.  Needless to say, as of late, I don’t even bother setting my alarm.  CheezWaster and The Sleep Deprivator have both been sick and inevitably even when they aren’t, I fall asleep in the chair while feeding The Sleep Deprivator.  On the days I work, MegaKlop comes down every morning and wakes me up, sometimes even asking if I want to shower first (much to his dismay my recent answers have all been no!)  Now, while I don’t really miss my alarm clock checking ritual or my 1988 alarm clock itself (takes a lickin and keeps on kickin!), I fear my paranoia will only resurface once the kiddies get this sleep thing down.  Until then, it is MegaKlop to the morning rescue (thanks, honey!)


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