Posted by: mamamamahoney | July 15, 2008

Forced Insomnia

First, I’ve debated on what name should be bestowed upon my little one.  CheezWaster has already earned his spot in the hall of fame.  I tossed around Snuggler, Sir Chubs-a-lot – even though he is coming out of his sausage stage.  Bu,t after much debate (and but a few nights with decent sleep), I’m back to The Sleep Deprivator!  The Sleep Deprivator is 7 months old – weighs an appropriate amount for such age and STILL does NOT sleep through the night.  It is killing me – literally!  CheezWaster is sick (with the I’m clingy, need and only want my mommy syndrome (and a bit of the croup)), so I’ve been up quite a bit the past few days, but last night was just ridiculous.  CheezWaster took almost 2 hours (and 16 stories later) to go to bed and just as I was about to settle into bed, The Sleep Deprivator awoke – the first of many times, I was forced to schlep out of bed in a zombie like state.  Now, since I only work part-time and my husband (whose “name” shall be forthcoming) is slave-driven by his job, I try not to ask him to get out of bed too much.  However, last night, I must admit that I cried myself to sleep in the chair (I don’t think I’ve slept more than an hour horizontally in 2 weeks) due to lack of sleep and pure forced insomnia.  Work today should be fun!


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